The role of the Justice of the Peace is to act as an independent and objective witness to documents people use for official or legal purposes. Justices are volunteers and receive no payment for their services.

It is important to know that, if you need a signature of a Justice of the Peace, you should be well known to the Justice or you will need to present photographic identification – a driver’s licence or student card, for example. A card without a photo is not suitable.

The local Justices of the Peace are:

• Denis Giles, MOUNT COMPASS, SA 5210.  Phone: 0410 071 720, Email:

• Leonie Macrow, MOUNT COMPASS, SA 5210. Phone 8556 8566

• Greg Mitchell, MOUNT COMPASS, SA 5210. Phone 8556 8327

•  Kym McHugh, PO Box 88, MOUNT COMPASS, SA 5210. Phone/Fax 8554 9551

• Deb Scheid, PAGES FLAT, SA 5172. Phone 8556 1264 : 0438 556 126

• Robert Brokenshire, MOUNT COMPASS, SA 5210. Phone: 0419 815 990

There are other JPs in our district. To get the full listing please visit: